"Ricordi d' Italia"  an Italian Folk Group

"For Over 30 Years keeping Italian Folk Culture Alive"



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Ricord d’Italia is an Italian folk group located in the Boston area. Through song and dance we have been keeping the Italian folk culture alive for over 30 years. Our songs and dances represent all regions of Italy, from  Veneto in the north, to Sicily in the south. We perform in costume, also representing various regions, with the accompaniment of the accordion and often tambourines. We perform at cultural and international events, fund raisers, weddings and other celebrations.  We are always looking for NEW MEMBERS who enjoy singing and dancing. We are available for performances year round, in and around the Boston area, as well as in Rhode Island and southern New Hampshire.

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N O R T H E R N  I T A L Y C E N T R A L  I T A L Y S O U T H E R N  I T A L Y

Italia Unita  www.italiaunita.org
IFAFA www.italianfolkartfederation.org/EN/default.asp